mobile payments and clearing

We provide a turn-key mobile payments platform for financial institutions, telephone companies and gaming operators. Our transaction suite enables companies to offer mobile payments and e-money services to their customers.

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Mobile Payments

Issue your mobile money app without having to build one from scratch. Use our white-label net-based mobile payments client and server software.

Social KYC

Our KYC model provides reliable user information at lower cost. Our web of trust creates social consequences for users who abuse your service.


Our clearinghouse network will support local and international clearing between accounts at different issuers. Alice can pay Bob, anywhere.

Secure Social Payments

People don't make payments in a vacuum. Money always changes hands as part of a social interaction. The Solidus platform uses well-understood social behaviors to create a strong web of trust.

Our social network model "game-ifies" social interaction with a point system that encourages users to make connections and get verified, assured and guaranteed by their friends, coworkers and family members.

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1 Secure

Our platform is built on Ricardo Transaction Suite which uses public key encryption to authorize transactions. Signing keys are stored securely on the user's device and backed up to the cloud.

2 Flexible

The Solidus platform allows mobile service providers to easily offer more than one financial product to their customers. This supports reward points, other currencies, and any other financial product you want to up-sell to your users.

3 Legally Binding

Our platform is based on contract between the issuer and the user. It ensures that every user has the contract, and users are bound by arbitration. This minimizes disputes and keeps legal costs down.

4 Mobile Friendly

Our secure communications protocol is optimized for mobile networks in developing countries. It is fast, uses little bandwidth and works well even in rural areas, unlike web-based platforms.

5 Social Recourse

Solidus blends a social network together with a payment platform and binding arbitration. The result is a social network with teeth. Our platform supports regulatory compliance, but more importantly, both issuers and users can reliably know who they are transacting with, even in other countries.

6 No More "De-Risking"

Banks have been cutting off money transfer organizations and even entire countries due to perceived risk. Work with us to build an international "bankless" clearing network that is faster, cheaper and works for everybody.

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